Spring Seals Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Fulfilling requirements of associated market, Meck Industries is engaged in manufacturing and supplying best quality range of spring seals. Our range of spring energized seals includes single spring mechanical seals, multi spring balanced seal, multi spring balanced seal, single spring clutch unbalanced seal etc. Our products are widely used in a choice of applications where works are associated to pipe and fluid passage. In addition, we offer these Spring Seal to our customers at best prices available in market.

What is Spring Seals?

A spring seal also known as spring energized seal is an essential part used in pumps and mixers to prevent leakage of fluids. The seal is designed to contain liquid or gas in functions where a rotating shaft passes through a stationary covering. The main function of a spring mechanical seal is to make sure a pressure-tight seal between the rotating shaft and the pump casing. This is achieved through the use of springs or compressed elastomer, which supply the necessary energy to keep the seal faces pressed together.

The Importance Of A Spring Mechanical Seal And Its Manufacturing Process

The seal is critical in preventing contamination of the fluid being pumped or mixed, which can lead to equipment failure and significant costs. Thus, a spring mechanical seal is a crucial component in any industrial application that involves the movement of fluids.

The materials used in the manufacturing of spring seals are critical to their performance. The most important parts of seals are usually manufactured from metallic materials capable of handling variations in temperature and pressure. The secondary seals are usually elastomeric or polymeric types that provide additional sealing against leakage. Spring energized seals are also an option when standard elastomer or polyurethane-based seals do not meet operating limits or equipment requirements. The selection of materials is critical in ensuring that the seals can withstand the harsh conditions of the application and provide long-lasting performance.

The making process of industrial spring seals involves several steps. The first step is the selection of materials based on the application requirements. The hardware springs, and drive mechanisms are then machined to the required specifications. The secondary seals are usually molded to the correct shape and size. The springs are coiled in either a right or left-hand design, depending on the application requirements. The final step is the assembly of the components into the finished seal, which is then tested to ensure it meets the required specifications. The manufacturing process is critical in ensuring that the spring mechanical seals are of high quality and can provide the necessary sealing performance in the application.

Meck Industries offers many types of seals that suitable for any kinds of applications. Whether it is as Single Spring Mechanical Seal or Non-Contact Spring Balanced Seal, our company manufactures the variety in spring seals for all projects.

Types of Spring Seals