Bellow Mechanical Seals Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

We are Ahmedabad located Bellow Seals Mechanical Seals Manufacturer and Supplier company, engaged in  offering various range of bellow mechanical seals includes PTFE Bellow Seals, Metal Bellow Seals, Rubber bellow Mechanical Seals.

What is Bellow Mechanical Seals?

Bellow Seals Mechanical Seals Bellow seals are a type of mechanical seal commonly used in various industrial applications to prevent leakage of fluids between two surfaces.  It is contains spring element in its bellow side. These seals are made up of two faces that are in contact with each other and are separated by a thin layer of a fluid, which is usually lubricating oil or a water-based fluid.

The bellow seal is designed to allow for movement between the two faces while maintaining a tight seal. As a result, secondary dynamic seals, such as o-rings, are no longer necessary. Because they have a static secondary seal that rests on the shaft, sleeve or on the gland of the pump, these mechanical seals are also known as non-pusher seals.

Bellow mechanical seals made by us are unbalanced, single-acting, have maximum strength, and are robust. These types of seals are specially design to use for duel-direction of shaft rotation. Bellow seals are used to maintain pressure and get rid of folds. They are independent of direction of rotation and torque transmission by Elastomer bellow.

Types of Bellow Mechanical Seals

We offer following types of Bellow mechanical Seals.