Dual Cartridge Mechanical seals :

Dual Cartridge Seals is a factory assembled cartridge unit specially design for slurry & viscous media. Double Cartridge Seal is a self contained unit consisting two mechanical seals in a seal chamber in any combination which can utilize a pressurized barrier fluid or a non pressurized buffer fluid.

These seal arrangements are a superior upgrade to a single cartridge Seals when it is imperative the media does not leak to atmosphere. A dual cartridge seal very often is formed with tandem configuration (face-to-back), or face-to-face configuration.

In a tandem configuration, the outer seal essentially works as backup for the primary seal.in a face-to-face arrangement, the outer seals creates a barrier. When any issue happens with the inner seal.

Seal Part Elements :

Item No Description
12 Grub Screw
13 Alien Bolt
6 Flat Gasket
4.1 O-Ring
4.2 O-Ring
4.3 O-Ring
4.4 O-Ring
4.5 O-Ring
4.6 O-Ring
4.7 O-Ring
17 Insert
22 Gland Plate
1.1 Seal Ring
1.2 Seal Ring
2.1 Mating Ring
2.2 Mating Ring
10 Spring
11 Spring
16 Drive Coller

Features :

  • Double seal
  • Cartridge Unit
  • Balanced Seal
  • Independent of direction of rotation
  • Multiple Spring arrangement
  • Stationary Spring

Material of Construction :

Seal Ring Face   : Carbon, Silicon, TC
Mating Ring Face   : Silicon, TC
Secondary Seals   : Viton / PTFE / GFT/FFKM
Metal Parts   : SS 3’16, 904 L. Alloy 20

Operating Parameters :

Application :

Sludge & Syrup pump Paper Industries. Petrochemicals. Petroleum Refinery.
Pressure   : Up to 15 bars
Temperature   : (-)80c to (+)150c
Speed   : Up to 25 m/s
Size   : 25 mm to 150 mm