Multi Spring Cartridge Seal

Multi Spring Cartridge Seal

Multi spring seal – 51U & 52U is widely used for various clean media application. These find their wide applications for the procession of corrosive liquids. Its PTFE wedge construction of the secondary sealing member makes these applicable for various universal services. These are designed with whole Rotary Parts with snap rings which make these very easy to install and remove. These are extensively used for various low aggressive chemicals, petroleum products and refrigerants in different centrifugal pumps and other allied devices.

We provide the Multi Spring Cartridge seals in single and dual specifications. The components in cartridge ensure its maximum efficiency and reliability. Besides, these are attached with Flushing Ports which helps to reduce the Heat for uniform face cooling. Its Seal Type 51U is ‘O’ ring seal design which helps to eliminate scoring on shaft and sleeve area and further use of ‘O’ ring design is depends on suitable application. These devices ensure easy installation, less maintenance cost and longer service life.

Features :

  • Mechanical seal drive – reduces slippage on shaft or sleeve to eliminate galling and premature wear
  • Components in cartridge design are builds for the highest reliability and simple installation
  • Seal type 52U is wedge design which helps to creates positive seal use in extreme temperature, chemical application
  • Using of suitable coating on sealing area to eliminate scoring on shaft and sleeve
  • Effective usage
  • High functional efficiency

Materials :

  • Seal Ring Faces : Cabon, GFT, SiC and TC
  • Seat Faces : Ceramic, SiC and TC
  • Elastomer : Viton, PTFE, GFT, EPDM, NBR, Buna-N and FFKM
  • MOC : SS 316, Hast -C and Alloy – 20

Operating Capabilities :

  • Shaft Dia. : 10mm to 100mm
  • Pressure : Up to 10 bar
  • Temperature : -20oC to 260oC (Depending upon Elastomer)
  • Speed : 3000 r.p.m.