Capsulated Multi Spring Balanced Seal

Capsulated Multi Spring Balanced Seal

We are a specialised capsulated multi spring seals manufacturer company with its headquarters in Ahmedabad, India. We export and supply all different varieties of multi spring seals. O Rings, mechanical seals, and other items are available from us in accordance with various industry specifications. Our offerings include Dry Running Mixer Seals, Reversed Balanced Seals, Multi Spring Balanced Seals, and Multi Spring Unbalanced Seals. We have a team of committed, diverse industry professionals who work hard to achieve the company’s goals. These Capsulated Spring Seals provide high durability, abrasion resistance, and thermal stability. Capsulated Spring Seals are available from us in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit the needs of our esteemed customers.

Capsulated Spring Balanced Mechanical Seals :

A balanced seal alternative that is less expensive is a capsuled spring seal. They are built with the same durable and dependable materials as multi-spring unbalanced seals.

capsulated seals that are balanced and made for media with solid slurry particles. Because the springs are shielded from media that is hardening, the seal is highly reliable. The direction of rotation has no effect on these seals.

Features :

  • Multiple Spring Mechanical Seal
  • For plain shaft
  • Single acting
  • Balanced
  • Inside mounted
  • Non-Contact Spring

Material of Construction :

Seal Ring Face   : Carbon, Silicon, TC
Mating Ring Face   : Carbon, TC
Secondary Seals   : Elastomer/PTFE/GFT
Metal Parts   : SS 316,Alloy 20,Hastelloy C

Operating Parameters :

Pressure   : 6 bars (Max)
Temperature   : (-)20c to (+)100c
Speed   : 2900 rpm (Max)
Size   : 18 mm to 100 mm

Material of Construction :

General Chemicals Media Containing solids particles Acids & Alkalies.