Custom Agitator Mechanical Seal

Custom Agitator Mechanical Seal

Factory produced cartridges called agitator mixer seals are used on agitators, reactor vessels, and mixtures. Seals for agitator mixers operate well under high vacuum conditions.

We offer agitator seals with precise design and construction criteria. The variety offered includes bottom entry mixer seals with internal balancing as well as single dry running seals used in top entry agitators, top entry low RPM mixers and agitators, high pressure dual mixer seals that function as high pressure double seals used in top entry mixers, and top entry low RPM mixers and agitators.

Available Range :

There are several different types of seals for mixers, including balanced seals, high pressure double seals, top entry agitator seals, bottom entry glass lined reactor seals, and double mechanical seals.

Application :

Used in top entry mixer vessels in pharmaceuticals & chemical industries. Also used in Plastic, Paper & Pulp and Sugar Industries.